Denning Family Puppy FarmI have had many happy customers that have updated me with their experience with not only there little puppy but also their relationship with me (Tricia Denning). Please take the time to read these short paragraphs about the breed that they purchased and their experience with Denning Farms.

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We've got two beautiful furbabies both from Denning Farms. Born into a place that loves them, its obvious. These 2 have brought us so much joy,love and fun! Thanks Tricia for helping us to complete our family

Randall Glovacki St Augustine January 16, 2022

We purchased Lexie 5 years ago and added Zoey to our family just 3 months ago. We are so happy with our furbabies from Denning Farms and have recommended them to all our friends!! You can tell these puppies are born into a loving home❤ and that's so important!

SHERRI L JOHNSON Saint Augustine January 16, 2022

Love these dogs, best companions ever. Kirby came home almost 5 years ago and has been a blessing ever since. Penny just turned 3 and she is the big, bossy younger sister to Kirby! We are even thinking about getting a 3rd here soon!

Ely Heston Ankeny, IA January 11, 2022

My little Rosebud started out as quite a handful but one and a half years later, I see that she is just so smart and has a huge personality. Once again, my life is greatly enhanced and I have Tricia to thank.

I highly recommend Denning Farms. You will not be disappointed.

Melissa Katz NY January 7, 2022

We purchased our 19 week old Cockapoo (male - named Gipper) from the Denning Farms on December 11, 2021. We are a senior couple in our late seventies and live near Seattle, WA. We asked Tricia for the most laid back or easy going cockapoo out of her litter of 5 males and 2 females. She helped us pick the male B cockapoo (Gipper).

Our experience with Tricia was outstanding. She went out of her way to make sure that the puppy was sent via airplane on a non-stop direct flight to Seattle for the safety and concern for the puppy's welfare and comfort.

Gipper was an addition to our house to fill in for the loss of our beloved Cockapoo (Scooter - female) who passed away (age 15 years old) on September 13, 2021.

Gipper is the most wonderful puppy we have ever raised. He is extremely bright, easy to train and the most affectionate dog we have ever had for a family member. He has brought so much happiness and life into this household. The very first night he slept 9 hours. He has continued to sleep quietly every night for at lest 8 - 9 hours. After only 2 1/2 weeks he is almost house trained. He learns something new everyday. He is not a barker (except when he sees a dog or hears another dog). Yesterday, he learned to sleep in a dog bed during his afternoon resting times.

This is the best Christmas present to ourselves in decades. Thanks to Denny Farms and Tricia for making this possible.

Bill and Mary Marx Shoreline December 28, 2021

Our dear Gracie is 15.5 and still going strong! Little wobbly in the hips and back legs but still full of love and life! Eats 2x per a la vege and is quite happy and regular! Lovely dog and so sweet, smart, and kind.

Jennie Milwaukee, WI December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas from Ms Magoo in Seaford NY! 1 year 8 months old, the BEST present ever!!! ❤️

Patti Seaford, NY December 23, 2021

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We brought Bella home 10 years ago. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She is the sweetest smartest I can’t imagine my life without her in it I love her to the moon and back! (She is a maltipoo) I would buy from Denning’s again. Oops. Bella is still afraid of planes! She is my life !

Nancy Worc ma December 22, 2021

We have had Lillie Mae for just one week. She had a puppy groom yesterday and did very, very well. Two days after we got her she had a vet visit. He said her confirmation was perfect, heart, lungs, knees, and hips healthy. She was so comfortable she fell asleep on the puppy scale. Raising a puppy is a challenge, but she is a love!!!🥰🐾

Lori Elgin, IL December 18, 2021

🐶Daisy🐶This little puppy has brought me so much joy❤️We have been blessed for a year now and it was the best decision we ever made❤️

Amber VanDaele Fairbank November 27, 2021

This testimonial is long overdue. I purchased our adorable and amazing puppy from Denning Farms in June 2020. At the time, our boys were 18 and 20. We were sending my youngest off to college that fall and rather then enjoy a quieter home we thought what a great time to get our first ever puppy. I decided on a yorkiepoo after researching multiple breeds. I was a little skeptical about purchasing online but all of Tricia’s reviews were good. I searched for a couple months trying to find a breeder with no bad reviews and puppies available. I reached out to Tricia and she told me to check the website in a couple of days, she was about to post pictures of her newest litter. She said if you are still interested let me know. Once we saw those tiny little puppies we decided to go for it. The whole process was very easy. Tricia updated photos every couple of weeks until Lucy was ready to come home. When it was time for Lucy to join our family she took the flight from Iowa to NY. She even had a layover in Charlotte. Boy was I worried. It all worked out just fine. End result..we have the best puppy anyone could ever ask for. She is the cutest ever. Her personality is amazing. Lucy is friendly, very playful and the sweetest most lovable dog you have ever met. Most importantly she is as healthy as can be. Lucy does not shed and is about 12.5 pounds right now at 19 months old. One funny thing though, we have done 2 DNA tests on Lucy. The first was given to us to do just for fun. To everyone’s surprise Lucy is a perfect 50/50 mix, yorkie/bichon. All along we thought she had poodle in her. We are not at all upset about this. Like I said, we could not have been blessed with a better dog. Whatever the mix we wouldn’t change our decision or puppy for the world. Do not hesitate to purchase a puppy from Tricia she is clearly doing something right. Thank you so much for our perfect little Lucy!

Jennifer H Stratford, CT November 15, 2021

Rudy was in a litter born November 2011. His original owners purchased him from you. Unfortunately Rudy couldn't tag along to college with her. We have had Rudy since July 2012. He has been amazing little guy. Such a mama's boy. He is extremely intelligent and super snuggly. Even at almost 10 years old he still plays as if he was 10 months old. He has never had any health issues. He is perfect! He is such a joy to have in our lives. I was a bit worried when my daughter was born in 2015 but Rudy took on this whole new personality. He was a like a caretaker and watchdog. He would watch her all night and alert us if she cried. I had a bad asthma attack while I was pregnant. Rudy nudged my inhaler to me. He didn't leave my side until I was ok. I may live far away but I will recommend you to anyone looking for a cockapoo. Thank you!

Erika Colonial Beach,va October 28, 2021

I absolutely LOVE my teddy bear!! He is so smart, lovable and a blessing to our family. Trisha you do a great job, in raising these furry babies. I can’t believe mine will be 10 yrs old, in 5 months.

Barbara Greene Warrenton, VA October 25, 2021

When my husband passed away four years ago I was lost devastated but I had a cockapoo and then she got kidney failure and I lost her my world I don’t want away I was gone I didn’t know how it’s gonna make it but I know I had to get a puppy I couldn’t go without a puppy I needed one so I got on the Internet and I happen to glance at this website and the first picture I saw was of this one little puppy and it is the first puppy I saw, i and as soon as I saw it and I had to get her she came to me the day before Thanksgiving it’s been two years now the first night she came to me I was totally amazed she was paper trained already eight weeks old and she was at smart and she knew how to fetch there’ there’s already a bond we’ve came along way from my life that I didn’t think I could ever existed again came this little puppy her name is Teddie, she is my life and my world now yes she has her own wardrobe she has her own car seat she’s the world to me we spend our days playing and cuddling and spending our lives together she is the best thing in the world did I ever did I looked at that website and I looked at that picture and I saw that puppy and I knew, she was going to be mine and I was going to be hers. That’s the story of me and Teddy I love that will last forever thank you denning farms for bringing my life back to me.

Robin McKay Louisville KY October 17, 2021

Tricia, we are so so happy with our Bella Rose. She has brought us such love and companionship. She is healthy and loves to play with her toys and ball. Thank you for doing such a great job breeding our little girl. We can honestly recommend Denning farms when getting a puppy.
Micka & Steve Ellison ❤️

Micka Ellison Bridgeport CT October 16, 2021

We brought Leon home @ 3.5 weeks ago. My Big Boy has learned to use doggie door, go up and down stairs. Unfortunately, he can also Jump gate to stairs. Loving Him!!

Jeanice Cahokia, IL October 16, 2021

We brought Ellie home last Friday. Her arrival at the airport was a breeze. Nearly a week that she's been with us and am so grateful to have this little ball of joy as part of our family. She is so easy going and relaxed, even sleeping through the night. Just working on the house training now. Made it through her first vet appointment with flying colors!

Thank you Tricia! She is a true angel!

Ellie Franklin MA October 6, 2021

Monroe is now a year old! She’s smart, quick learner, sweet, independent and absolutely adorable! We can’t imagine life without her!!
We also have her half brother, Morocco, who turns one in October. They’re amazing!

Denise Mikkola Minnesota October 1, 2021

Otis just turned one and has been an absolute joy! He quickly potty trained and rings a bell to go outside. He loves to snuggle and only barks when someone is at the door. He adores our older dog and has brought more life back into her. He’s a great dog!
Tricia was wonderful with the whole process. I really liked that I spoke to her, in person. She always took the time to answer all my questions and made the whole process smooth. I could tell that Otis received a lot of love and attention before he came to our home. ❤️

Kris San Clemente, CA September 22, 2021

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We can't say enough about Tricia and Denning Farms; if there were more stars, we would give her a 10. Their pups are healthy and professionally cared for from breeding, to birth and sale. Tricia is always available to new pup owners, before and after purchase. Our little bundle of joy brings a smile to our faces so many times each day; a sign of a good breed, personality and healthy pup. We are discussing purchasing another Teddy Bear and there is only one site we will visit...Denning Farms is the best.

Robert Grant Gilbert, AZ September 16, 2021

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It took me 12 years to decide on a pup since my Doberman crossed over.I looked a couple breeders of small dogs because of my health limitations.
MY teddy bear has put so much love to us and am so thankful for Dennings quality pups.
I'd even like another.
I'll post a picture of Harley if I can figure it out.
Thank you so much for this little guy.Hes 6 months old and 11 lbs.

Janice Frost Waterloo September 14, 2021

Tucker is such a sweet boy. He’s everything anyone would ever want in a puppy. He’s five months old now, and we’ve had him for three months. He’s bright, curious, cute, energetic, sweet, adaptable, snuggly, loving and eager to please. We could not be happier with him, and he could not be happier with us.

Paula Sulla Wabasha MN September 5, 2021

We can not thank Carl & Amanda Hanson enough for recommending you to us! 💙🐾💙
Our sweet 1 year old is amazing! We never thought we would find another Multipoo like our last but….thx to you we have! We wouldn’t give a million bucks for him!
You all are amazing ! God bless you all!

Carol Gresham Moorhead Mn August 27, 2021

I absolutely love my boys Rowen & Rocco. Rocco is my maltipoo . They both flew to Ca at 3 months and have a happy life in Ca. Rowen is 11 & Rocco is 8 . Both beautiful , loving ,smart loyal boys who both have slightly different personalities. I think they are beautiful and are my world . Rocco is easier & more independent than Rowen . He goes with the flow . Rowen thinks he’s a person and Rowen is king of the house & a mommy’s boy . Both are very special . So glad I have them .

Lori Palos verdes ca August 23, 2021

I was totally against getting a small inside dog, and then my daughter begged for one!
In a moment of weakness I purchased this little cutie. I have completely fallen in love. This is by far the sweetest dog I have ever owned! She was a breeze to potty train, minds very well, and is a major cutler. I don’t think I will now own anything else but teddybears! We all love her! Look no further! If you have a family and want a great family dog this is the bread!

Ansley Silt, Co August 9, 2021

Loving our little Bamse (teddybear in Danish). She is 4.5 months and 11 pounds. Growing quickly. She has the softest and prettiest coat. What a great addition she has been to the family

Teri Aspen CO August 1, 2021

This testimonial is LONG overdue! Here is our sweet Bella, she is a cockapoo that we got from Denning Farms in May 2008. She turned 12 in February and has been more than we ever could have imagined! Bella has gone through the wedding of my husband and I, three moves, two babies, and so much more! I can’t even put into words how perfect she has been since the beginning. From never crying through the night, to easy to potty train, to no chewing and beyond sweet, she’s the dog you dream to have. Even today, our vet continues to comment on how she can’t believe how Bella doesn’t “act her age”. She still is in great health and loves to play with the kids and can fetch for hours. I could go on and on but I just have to say thank you to the Denning’s for providing us with the most perfect addition to our family for the past 12 years!

Miranda Offner (Melsen) Omaha, NE July 22, 2021

This is Bella Rose, our Maltipoo. We are so happy and pleased we purchased her from Denning Farms. Tricia was professional and honest, and we can highly recommend Denning Farms for any one of their breeds.

Micka Bridgeport CT July 16, 2021

Our maltipoo, Milo, turned 1 year on July 4. He is the most wonderful pet anyone could ask for. He brings us a tremendous amount of joy every day. Milo’s temperament is that of a sweet, loving dog. We wanted a lap dog and we definitely got one. If we are sitting down, he is in our lap!!! He is very smart and trained easily.
Best. Dog. Ever

Anne Dallas, Tx July 8, 2021

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We are a married couple of 54 years and both of us retired from The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Mike worked in the Information Systems computer area for the hospital for 39 years. Phyllis was a Social Worker at the hospital and the community for 38 years. We have had Cavalier and Cocker fury kids all of our married lives. Our 12 yr. old Spaniel, Maddie died in May 2021. We miss her terribly. Our hearts and home want to adopt a little one to love and care for.
We have 2 adult married children and 2 adult grandchildren and 1 younger, 11 years old grandson. They love our sweet babies and care for them if we are away for a few days. So, we will be so grateful to be able to make a warm, loving home for a sweet Cavalier.

Michael and Phyllis Ferrel NORTH LIBERTY July 8, 2021

Our “Leo” purchased on 6/14/21 is a warm, cuddly, smart Cockapoo!! She came to us after losing our 10 year old Cockapoo and could not have more completely filled that void. The entire process working with Tricia and Denning Farms was fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone who asks!! Leo is beautiful and loved by all who meet her!!

Marcia Deforest, WI July 6, 2021

We brought home our sweet little JoJo in January. She’s the sweetest, little yorkiepoo! She’s super tiny, barely over 5 pounds at 7 months old. She has the best temperament, so loving and smart. We could not have asked for more. It is overheard at least 10
times every day “she is so cute!”

Julie St.louis, MO June 30, 2021

Paddibear the Teddybear is two years old and the best companion and fur baby in the world! I love her to the moon and back!

Denning Farms is top notch!

Janelle Towns Sioux City IA June 16, 2021

I am absolutely grateful for finding Tricia and Denning Farms, a year ago while battling anxiety and depression, my dog has been the best emotional support animal and brought so much joy to my life!!!!! Great customer service, updates were always on time w/ pictures and fast shipping too. Time has really flew by now Senna Chanel is 1 years old day!!! Thank you again.

Indy Concord, CA June 16, 2021

This testimony is long overdue. We received our teddybear shichon puppy in January 2021. As a first time dog buyer this was a great experience working with Tricia. She answered all my questions upfront when initially researching as well as assisted in determining the best puppy to put our deposit on. She also surprised us with being in our area to drop off the puppy versus our drive to get him. Leo is a fabulous puppy and has a very similar demeanor to what Tricia relayed when he was only 8 weeks. He is an absolute joy to our family! Thank you so much Tricia to you (and your husband for the drop-off) throughout this process. I highly recommend Denning Farms for anyone interested in one of these breeds.

Deborah St Louis, Missouri June 7, 2021

My name is Marisa. I was 10 last time I was emailing you regarding your cockapoo liter born on July 1, 2007.

My dreams came true, and we adopted Nike, cockapoo male #5 born on July 1, 2007. Today will be 14 on July 1, and is still kicking it and we are blessed.

He has been a joy. Full of personality, and so so funny. He is healthy (Thank goodness), and has the energy of a 3 year old puppy. His groomer always comments on how healthy his coat is-so shiny and thick, and full of color. We sometimes wonder how this happens but are so grateful.

Here are some recent pictures of him. I figured you’d like to see as I don’t think we ever sent you any updates.

Thank you for giving me my best friend. He has been such a light in my life when I’ve needed him most.

Hope you are well.

Marisa Perry Grayslake, IL May 21, 2021

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Izzy will soon be 8 months and she has been a blessing. She is such a great dog.She goes every where with us.

Becky Barr Mt Pleasant May 21, 2021

Our Cockapoo, Bailey, is the best dog I have ever had! She is so loving and such a cuddle dog. She loves to play and go on walks everyday!

Everyone that meets her says she is the most lovable dog - always giving kisses!

She rings the bell to go out rarely has accidents - so smart!

She sleeps with us and cuddles so much it is adorable.

Thanks so much for this precious gift in our lives!

Kelly Biondolillo hackettstown May 19, 2021

After doing extensive searching I found Denny Farms in Iowa. I drove to a beautiful family farm out in the country. Tricia is a mom, wife and runs a business of breeding adorable puppies humanely. The website photos are accurate and if you are lucky enough to drive there you will enter a warm family home and have the pleasure of meeting her in person. Our Teddy Bear "BUDDY" has slept thru the night since he got home 5 nights ago. BUDDY adapted quickly to our home with a Female German Shepherd & Male Terrier Mix. We took him to play with children and he loved it. He will be my dads dog as his Maltese died this spring. BUDDY will spend a lot of time with us too so it is important he adjusts to people, dogs and children. BUDDY is the sweetest little guy and I would recommend Denning Farms to anyone looking for a healthy puppy with a good temperament. We are so happy to add him to our furry family!

Mary Beth Shaw Rockford, Il May 17, 2021

Best Girl Ever!! Today is her 4th Birthday! I coudnt be more happy!! I’m so Blessed! Love my baby girl! Gracie May!! My spoiled brat!! Lol!! Thank you Dennings farm for her!!- love Sharon!!

Gracie may!! Conneticiut May 16, 2021

We picked up our Maltipoo puppy 'Snowy' over the christmas break when he was 9 weeks old. Tricia was kind enough to send over a toy and a blanket rubbed on his litter, which made his initial adjustment easy. In addition Tricia was a pleasure to work with, very professional and helped keep me updated on the puppy during his first 9 weeks.
Snowy has brought so much unconditional love and cuddles since his arrival. Thank you to Denning Farms!!

Preethi Kasthuri San Diego April 29, 2021

default image

Love it

Tricia Houghton IA April 27, 2021

default image

Trying to submit Lacie's adorable selfie, but it's not allowing me too.

Sheryl Merritt SEVERNA PARK April 16, 2021

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We put a deposit on our adorable Teddy Bear 5 days after she was born on January 3rd, 2021. At first, I was like so many and skeptical purchasing a puppy online but, after speaking with Tricia I truly felt at ease. It seemed like we waited forever to get our baby but with the updates that Tricia posted of her growing really helped. I was pretty nervous knowing she was going to fly on March 5th from Iowa to Chicago(change planes) and onto her new hometown @ BWI Airport in Maryland, but she did awesome and was such an easy process. Tricia is so organized that it made it simple from start to finish. Meeting Lacie for the first time and getting to hold her was all that I thought it would be. She was as excited to see her mommy and I was her. Kisses all the way home!!!! She had her first vet visit on the 16th and received a lot of attention their and a clean bill of health. She is very playful as Tricia said she was and the kisses keep coming, along with the puppy biting, LOL. She's so adorable and we Love her so much. I would and have already recommended Denning Farms to anyone that is looking for an adorable and healthy puppy. Thanks again Tricia. All the best to you and your family always.

Sheryl Merritt SEVERNA PARK April 16, 2021

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Sergio robles Pennsuaken April 16, 2021

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Couldn't be less pleased. We were strongly considering a puppy from Denning Farms. I called and spoke with Tricia who could not have seemed less interested in talking. She was quick to say though if I wanted to purchase call back with my credit card number. I emailed her immediately after our conversation and asked for pictures of the parents. Never heard back.

Aubree Norton ALEDO March 31, 2021

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I got Luna in January 2019 and she has been the best friend a girl could ask for. She is such a sweet cuddle bug but she loves romping in the outdoors too. The whole process of getting her was super easy and the folks at Denning Farms were wonderful to work with. Luna has been a happy and healthy little dog and I have recommended Denning Farms to several friends already.

Laura Shaffer Des Moines, Iowa March 29, 2021

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Would love to offer a few comments. However, have been trying to get a response from Denning Farms since we purchased our Cavachon a couple of weeks ago with no success.

Kathy Novato, Calif. March 18, 2021

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I have to say that I picked up Lucy in Mid February, she is the sweetest Puppy EVER! Already house trained & doing exceptionally well w/the Trainer! Denning Farms is the Best Breeder anywhere!! She is a Multipoo Jenny

Jenny Des Moines March 15, 2021

My 12 year old cockapoo had just died and I wasn’t sure if I was even ready to think about having another dog. Breeders in my state weren’t even having liters of cockapoos. It was by luck that I had found Denning farms and they had a liter born 3 days after my sweet pup had died. Trisha was so kind through the whole process, giving updates with pictures and videos. I was skeptical about buying a dog two states away but Trisha made me feel so comfortable.

Dobbi has been such a joy, he has such a fun personality. Not only is he beautiful, he’s sweet and spunky and just the smartest little guy. I couldn’t be more happy to have him.

Becky Denver, CO February 14, 2021

We are so happy with our cavachon pup, Auggie, from Denning Farms! We picked him up from the St. Louis airport cargo area last month. We were lucky as the Denning’s were coming our way to ship other puppies from St. Louis. At pickup we witnessed a very organized process for getting the other puppies checked in for their flights. Tricia also gave us a great goodie bag complete with a blanket rubbed on his siblings and some food to get him started. He gets cuter every week and is taking to his training right away!

Andrew St. Louis, MO February 6, 2021

We named our Teddybear puppy Remy. We were so excited to meet her so it felt like an eternity waiting to pick her up at the airport on January 7th. Initially I was worried about her long travel day to us but she arrived so happy and healthy. Remy is gentle, playful, incredibly smart and a total cuddle bug. Potty training has been pretty easy as it seems that she came to us already knowing that she must handle her business outside. She immediately slept in her crate only waking once during the night to potty for the first week. Since then she has been sleeping through the night without any issues. I mean is this even normal for a puppy!? I honestly feel that Remy's temperament is a testament to the wonderful job that Trisha and her family do raising these puppies until finding them their forever home. I will be honest and say that I had some reservations about purchasing a puppy from out of state and from a picture but this turned out to be the best decision ever! We absolutely adore Remy! When it is time to get our Remy girl a sibling we will definitely be coming back to Denning Farms! THANK YOU TRISHA!!

Heather Villanueva MANTECA, CA February 4, 2021

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We have now had Izzy for 3 weeks what a Gem!! Already loves going on a leash, potty training is going good, already sits on command. We just love her.

Becky Barr Mt Pleasant January 11, 2021

Our Mimi has brought so much joy into our home that we can’t imagine not having her! She’s healthy and playful and very intelligent. Thank you so much for raising such beautiful puppies!

Rebecca Grimes, Iowa January 8, 2021

Hello! Mia, a teddybear puppy, joined our family Feb 2020, just before the pandemic really set in. She was definitely the bright spot in a pretty dim situation. She is the absolute best puppy; couldn’t imagine our family without her! Tricia was great to work with and answered all of our questions. She invited us into her home to meet Mia and one of her older female teddy bears, who was just as sweet as Mia. If you’re concerned about this being a puppy mill, don’t be. You can tell the min you meet Tricia that she loves all her pups and they are part of her family. I recommend her to anyone that asks about Mia and will definitely get another puppy from her!

Virginia Grinnell, IA December 29, 2020

My owner named me Buddy. I was born on December 24, 2019 and arrived on March 5, 2020 to Brenda Tisbert. I wanted to let you know that I am very happy here. I get to play with her two granddaughters every day who live next door. We take walks everyday and I also have a big backyard to run around in. Everyone thinks I’m cute and adorable. I’m happy, healthy, and growing bigger by the day!
Merry Christmas and thank you!
P.S: I forgot to tell you that I am very spoiled!

Brenda Tisbert Methuen, Massachusetts December 25, 2020

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Bailey is the prefect puppy and she fit into our little family right away. She loves to cuddle and is super friendly to everyone she meets. My experience with Tricia was super positive. I am from Missouri and I was a little hesitant about putting a deposit down when the dog was out of state but Tricia was so professional it helped reassure me this a the right decision. I definitely would get another puppy from Tricia.

Shelby St. Peter’s, no November 28, 2020

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I am a loving, responsible dog owner, who is moving away from my family's house and I want an adorable companion of my own! I have owned a Goldendoodle since he was 8 weeks and learned how to care for and train him. Although I'm away I miss him so much and he is what I look forward to most when I go home. I have experience with potty training, general training, giving medications, grooming, going to the vet, and doggy playtime. My Goldendoodle also suffers from a lot of anxiety so I have learned how to give extra care to him. I am a senior in college, 21 years old, and take online classes so I will be at home all day, and I do not like to party. I would love nothing more than one of your Cavachons!

Alexa Weinberg new york November 11, 2020

Hi Tricia,
Just wanted to send a photo of Milo after his first groom. He is a 4 month old bundle of joy, energy and happiness. He was easy to potty train and continues to be a daily delight to us. He is such a cuddler and affectionate companion.
Thank you for sending us such a happy, healthy puppy.
Anne Music

Anne Music Dallas, Texas November 8, 2020

My puppy, Ziggy, will be celebrating his 2nd birthday on November 24th. Our experience with Tricia Denning was wonderful! She was very thorough and answered all of our questions in a timely fashion. We were going back and forth between two puppies and she was very patient with us. We drove 16 hours total to pick up our puppy and I would do it all over again! He is the healthiest, happiest puppy ever and is the perfect addition to our family. Thanks again Tricia and Denning Farms!!

Shelby Macomb, Michigan November 2, 2020

My puppy, Henry, just had his first birthday this past Sunday so I wanted to come and leave a testimonial for Denning Farms! Henry has been such an amazing addition to our family (my husband and I). Everyone that meets him tells us that he is the cutest dog they have ever seen, and I definitely agree! I had never heard of a cavachon before finding Denning Farms, but I recommend the breed to everyone now! I can't wait to add a second pup to our family and will definitely be working with Tricia again when the time comes. This was our first dog as adults, and Tricia made the process so easy and we could not be happier. Henry has been extremely healthy and always gets rave reviews from his veterinarian. Highly recommend Denning Farms!!

Kristen Westpheling West Branch, IA October 29, 2020

I want to thank Tricia for providing such a wonderful experience for a first-time dog owner. It was very easy to communicate with her throughout the whole process. And of course, we could not be happier with our Pup, Dexter. Our journey began when he was born on May 15, 2020, and we could barely contain our excitement to meet him for pickup on July 17th(and Tricia). Sure, being from Michigan, I was a little apprehensive giving a deposit to a breeder two states away. It was again Tricia being so professional and forthcoming with updates on her website that just assured me that we made the right decision. Thank you again.

Bruce Welford WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI October 15, 2020

First off this was the best breeder I had contacted about Teddy Bear pups. There are a lot of scammers-Tricia is definitely not. So thorough and down to earth from our initial inquiry until my husband picked the pup up from her house. Our Teddy Bear pup named Bear is the absolute best! He is a joyful little guy who LOVES being around our 3 and 5 year old. Happy, not at all aggressive, loves to play and loves nap time and bedtime. We were beyond thrilled with our experience and would hands down recommend both Denning and Teddy Bears to anyone. Our special little guy doesn’t shed, gives lots of kisses (especially when we wake up, he just licks our faces straight for 5 minutes) and was potty trained by month 3. We couldn’t have picked a better family dog!

Carey Denver, CO October 2, 2020

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We brought our Ozzy and Max home on December 20, 2019. They are the sweetest puppies, very lovable and smart. Working with Tricia was wonderful. We wanted two puppies from the same litter and she recommended these little guys because they got along well. They still do! They are lively and playful and have so much love to give. We comment daily how sweet they are. We are so glad to have them! Thank you Tricia!

Patty Schrader Clinton, IA October 1, 2020

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I am purchased Madelyn Brileigh from Trish Denning on 02/27/17. From the moment I saw her, I knew she would’ve one my heart. She is so gentle and loving. She runs like the wind and she loves to fetch and return corn cobs. My cat, Tess, became her best friend and they play together. She is strong, healthy, happy and loved. She has never met a stranger and she loves new people. When it is time for another Teddybear, Trish’s website will be my first stop. I adore Madelyn and could not imagine my life without her.

HANSON KAREN M Welch August 29, 2020

puppy sold

Hi there,

We are still absolutely loving our puppy Freo that we purchased from you back in April! He is healthy, and full of energy!!! We couldn’t be more pleased. He truly be any cuter either!

I did have a question for you. When we first got him, you sent us home with some food samples you use, but I had never heard of the brand back then, and couldn’t find it. Was the brand “Zignature” by any chance?

Freo seems to be licking his paws a lot, and throws up about once a week, so I think it’s time we look into a different diet. He’s been on Purina Pro Plan. Just curious what you use since you feed a lot of little mouths!

Thanks Tricia!

Amy February 14, 2017

puppy farm puppies for sale

Hello Tricia!
We just wanted to send you and updated picture of one of the puppies you sold over the summer. This is Brutus, he is now about 9 months old. He’s happy and healthy! He’s also very curious and full of energy. Loves to play first, eat second and sleep third!
Jennifer R.

Jennifer R. February 14, 2017

sold puppies

We love our new little puppy!! We Named him Gunner and he seems to be loving his new home!! Thanks!!


Rachel November 4, 2015

Messages from our Customers:

Hi there,

We are still absolutely loving our puppy Freo that we purchased from you back in April! He is healthy, and full of energy!!! We couldn’t be more pleased. He truly be any cuter either!

I did have a question for you. When we first got him, you sent us home with some food samples you use, but I had never heard of the brand back then, and couldn’t find it. Was the brand “Zignature” by any chance?

Freo seems to be licking his paws a lot, and throws up about once a week, so I think it’s time we look into a different diet. He’s been on Purina Pro Plan. Just curious what you use since you feed a lot of little mouths!

Thanks Tricia!

Amypuppy sold

Sent on February 14, 2017 by Jennifer who purchased a Male Puggle. Hello Tricia!
We just wanted to send you and updated picture of one of the puppies you sold over the summer. This is Brutus, he is now about 9 months old. He’s happy and healthy! He’s also very curious and full of energy. Loves to play first, eat second and sleep third!
Jennifer R.

puppy farm puppies for sale

Sent on November 04, 2015 by Rachel who purchased a Male Puggle. We love our new little puppy!! We Named him Gunner and he seems to be loving his new home!! Thanks!!


sold puppies

Sent on October 23, 2015 by Kim who purchased a Male Tedybear.

We had bought a male tededybear puppy from you. He is the love of my live!!

Kim and Mike


Sent on March 17, 2015 by Jessica who purchased a Male Maltipoo.

Hi Tricia,

I thought I would send you an update on Charlie, the maltipoo we got from you last Thanksgiving (#4). Oh, he sure is something to be thankful for! He’s 6 months old now, and doing pretty well on potty training. He is FULL of energy and loves playing fetch and chasing leaves. He’s also very smart — he learned “sit” before he was 4 months old!
We couldn’t thank you enough for letting Charlie become a part of our family. He really is a wonderful addition that I couldn’t imagine not having in our lives.
I’ve attached some of my favorite photos of him. As he started losing his baby teeth, he developed an adorable under bite. : )
Thank you!

Sent on March 06, 2014 by Alexis who purchased a Male and Female Maltipoo.

We absolutely love our Maltipoo pups! Its been quite an exhausting past few months because they are so full of energy but also a VERY rewarding one. They are extremely attached to one another and our family and love to play and cuddle. I NEVER have a problem kenneling them when leaving the house. The kennel together of course because they have the need to be near one another. Both are spay and neuter and they healed within a week with no pain! Tucker (‘E’) is a brute! very strong and weighing in at 10-11lbs. He is more aggressive when playing but also so loving! Tavi (Octavia) (light blue bow) must have been the runt lol! She’s so tiny and very affectionate weighing in at 6-lbs. They are already able to let me know when they need to go potty outside! They know to sit, lay, stay, fetch, shake and Tucker knows how to speak, Tavi hardly barks. My grandmothers puppy Maddi was the dark pink bow from the same litter as Tavi. She is very attached to my grandfather and has been down in Florida with them for the past few months. She loves going on her daily golf cart rides down there and playing with her toys just as ours do. They are a huge responsibly at this age, but Im loving every minute of it!

Sent on January 06, 2014 by Crystal who purchased a Female Maltipoo.

Hi Tricia,
We are a proud owner of our Malti-poo Izzie.  She was born on December 18, 2012.   She has been a blessing to our family.  The kids continue to fight over who is going to hold her.  She is a momma’s girl and loves to snuggle with me, after the kids go to bed.  She is very smart.  She rings a bell to go outside and go potty.  She also knows how to unzip the kids book bags so she can eat their snacks.  She loves her trips to K-9 cleaners every other week for her spa day.  We can’t thank you enough for our  precious puppy.

Sent on January 04, 2014 by Lisa who purchased a Male Cavachon.


Almost 8 years ago, you sold us our incredible dog, Sam, a cavachon.   as his 8th birthday approaches, (he was born on 2/14/2006), we wanted to thank you for sending up such a bundle of joy and love!   Just tonite, my oldest daughter visited your website and we watched a video you made of a recent litter born and we just started having such fond memories of when we first picked up Sam, and it was love at first site.

With much gratitude and many wishes for a wonderful new year.  May you continue to fill other families with such wonderful gifts of love…..

West Hartford, Connecticut

Ps.   This may seem strange, but as we watched the video on an iPhone, Sam clearly oriented to the phone, stared at the video, and seemed to recognize your voice and the scene…..:)

Sent on January 01, 2014 by Andrea who purchased a Female Teddybear.

Hi Tricia,
   I just wanted to update you on my puppy girl, Phoebe….aka Phoebers aka Phoebes aka Geebers aka My Giddy. She has many nick names and most don’t make any sense nor do they sound at all like her real name, but for some reason they all fit her and her personality! She was Female Teddy Bear B born in the January 11, 2013 litter (can’t believe she’s gonna be a year old soon) and I couldn’t have picked a better pup. She is the epitome of a lap dog and she is so affectionate! I saw the picture of Dave and Wendy’s puppy (the same litter as Phoebe, her true sister) with the one on her back so I had to show Phoebe’s photo with her on her back….it is almost identical! She is full of life, LOVES socks, shoes, and anything that flops around by your feet! She is extremely smart, I taught her “give me your paw” at 3 1/2 months old and her potty training was in no time!
She also loves and plays with her much older “brother”, Rusty (my parents dog and the other dog in the pic) and she keeps him young and on his toes!
Thank you for Phoebers…she is my baby and I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

Sent on December 24, 2013 by Natalie and Joanne who purchased a Two Female Cavachons and a Male Teddybear.

Hi there,

We took this pic of our babies and I thought I would share 🙂

This is Josie and Ellie, Joanne’s cavachons and Chester, our teddy bear..  They’re such good dogs.. I recommend Denning Farms to everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Natalie and Dustin

Sent on November 14, 2013 by Alison who purchased a Male Cavachon.

Hi Tricia!

Hope things are going well! We are loving Koda, along with everyone who ever lays eyes on him!! He is so playful and cuddly! 🙂 Here is a picture of him with his favorite toy…his lambchop!

Take care!

Sent on November 12, 2013 by Leah who purchased 3 Teddybears and 2 Corgis.


Jozie just had her first birthday recently and I just want you to know we love her more than I can say. She was easy to potty train and never gets in trouble. She is a bit of a tom boy and a daddy’s girl. I keep telling her she was my idea and I paid for her, but she doesn’t care 🙂
Rob is allergic to most dogs, but she does not bother him at all. In fact she even sleeps at the head f the bed, with her head on my pillow.
Her grandma Jan loves her so much and I think she is good company for her when we go away.
Every Monday she goes to the Beaves family (they are her god parents)
If you ever need another testimonial, feel free to use mine…
I did a ton of research before picking you as our breeder.
She is one of he best decisions of my life.
Thank you,
proud owner of a 10# maltipoo

Sent on November 09, 2013 by Sean who purchased a Teddybear Male.

Thanks again for selling us that dog today. You should have charged double the price for what you sold us.
Rhetoric will not suffice to describe this perfection. Perfect ride home, no whimpering whatsoever and magnetism beyond belief. We walked into Petco and it was like the paparazzi swarming us.
If you EVER need a review or testimonial let us know. Again, “perfect” doesn’t doesn’t serve him any justice. We have had to coin new phrases like. “perfect squared” just to scratch the surface.


Sent on September 24, 2013 by Bill who purchased a Male Yorkiepoo!!


Buck turned one on Saturday so I thought I’d send you a photo, I included a photo from December to show you how much he has changed.

 I would have to say that all the dogs I have every had or meet that he is the best, I know that’s a very bold statement but it’s true. He is very smart,  He picked up training very quickly and was definitely the fastest learner in his puppy class. He even surprised the instructor on how fast he learned.

 He is a very happy dog and is just happy always, I have never seen him get mad about anything, even when playing with other dogs. He loves to rough house with other dogs, but is always very gentle with humans, he knows he can be more rough with me and just me, he has only broke the skin once and is wasn’t in anger.

 He was a bit sacred of things while he was younger like thunder or the lawn mower, but now he loves to chase me on the mower and he just barks at thunder.  He loves to fetch and can jump very high, we have swimming pool and he likes to get on the top step in the water when he gets hot to cool off and ride on the pool float with me, and I don’t make him, he jumps on all by himself.

 Just want to say thanks again and you where right, he has pretty much no black left in his fur. Oh and he has passed the 10 lb mark, haven’t weighed him lately but he is somewhere around 16 I would guess.


Sent on September 18, 2013 by Sandy who purchased a Female Maltipoo!!

Sandi loves her little Maltipooo Female that she purchase backed in 2009 and is now purchaing another little girl to be part of her family.

Sent on September 11, 2013 by Danielle who purchased a Female Maltipoo!!


We wanted to update you and let you know how wonderful our little baby girl is doing. Coco is now almost 5 months old and weighs about 7.8lbs. She absolutely loves people and being the center of attention, and she adores playing with toys. She has done so well with potty training and now she is starting to lose her baby teeth!
Sent on September 9, 2013 by Wendy who purchased a Female Teddybear!!


Just a quick note about how Princess Bella Marie is doing.  We purchased her
from the Teddybear litter born January 11, 2013, “female C”.

Bella was easy to potty train and rarely has accidents.  She loves to cuddle
in the evening and has lots of fun puppy energy in the morning.  She weighed
13#’s at her appointment June appointment to get spayed.  Bella enjoys
playing with other dogs her size.  She also enjoys bath time.

We have loved every minute with Bella and are so thankful we went through
you for our purchase.  Our little Diva has made our new empty nest so much

We are continually sending people to your website when they ask where we got
our cute little puppy.

Thank you!
Dave & Wendy

Sent on May 16, 2013 by Jacqueline who purchased a Male Teddybear and Female Yorkiepoo!!

Hi Tricia,
We meant to send you an update many times.  Now that Brady turns 2 in June and Lilly will be 2 in September, I thought I’d let you know how fun and terrific our yorkiepoos have been
Brady is a big teddy bear at nearly 12 lbs.- he never stops wagging his tail.  Lilly is always alert and more serious at 9 lbs. but can start a game in a moment by tossing a toy in the air.  They complement each other perfectly.
Thank you so much.


Danvers MA 01923

Sent on May 03, 2013 by Evie who purchased a Male Puggle!!

Thank you again for selling us our puggle. Sorry that we didn’t follow up sooner, we just got very busy with moving and such but our puggle is very happy and so are we. We named him Posey. We can’t imagine life without him. We will be purchasing another dog from you soon as soon as we move into a house. More likely a yorkiepoo if you have any for sale at the time when we are ready. Thank you again 🙂

Sent on April 18, 2013 by Luan who purchased a Male Teddybear!!

Just a quick note to let you know that Duffy (Male #5 Teddy Bear born 1-29-13) is a lovely addition to our family.
We are working hard at potty training –  the weather needs to cooperate a little too!!!
Duffy is a very social little guy.  He loves going to the Nursing Home with me when I make rounds, he enjoys my husband’s customers at the dealership when he gets a “special” day out, and he has been great with the grand-children.
Many Thanks and just wanted you to know Duffy is doing great!!!!

Sent on April 16, 2013 by Justine who purchased a Male Maltipoo!!Hey Tricia
Just wanted to give you an update on the puppy.

He’s adjusting well, and is so smart.  After only having him for a short time he’s doing well with potty training.  He’s very funny and chewing on everything.
Just wanted to say thank you, he’s already been a great addition to the family.


Sent on April 11, 2013 by Dale and Bea who purchased a Female Maltipoo!!

Good morning Tricia Muffin Is a Maltipoo  female one year and one month old, She is a great little dog we love very much, You cant believe the comments we get no mater where we go. She is five pounds and is in great shape. If you get this way stop and see her, Dale and Bea!!

Sent on April 10, 2013 by Emily who purchased a Male Yorkiepoo!!


We thought we would send you a picture of our yorkie poo we bought from you last summer 🙂 Today is Louie’s 1st birthday, and we love him so much! He is such a great puppy and joy in our home! Hope you are well!

Emily, Anthony, & Louie
Sent on April 04, 2013 by Roxy who purchased a Male Maltipoo!!

Just wanted to let you know that Maximillian – Max for short (my husband ended up choosing a name from a list that the boys and I gave him) – has settled in totally!  He is happy, energetic, inquisitive and completely fearless. Silly boy jumped into a pond while we were still in Iowa, happily swam the 2″ back to the shore, got out, shook himself off and had to have a bath and be groomed.  Thanks to my Aunt Diana, that was easily accomplished.

From our Schnauzer, Schatzee, he has leant a love of ice cubes, which he chases all over the kitchen floor. And he wants to do everything she does, so he has learnt how to climb up stairs! He also loves chewing on his deer horn and playing with rope toys.

Max is doing well with potty training.  Not a single accident in the house yesterday; he seems to understand that going outside means that he should pee and poop! He is sleeping through the night in his crate – last night from 11PM until 7AM this morning.

We have started working on leash training – he is getting used to have it on for short periods of time but we will work on him walking on a leash starting tomorrow, when he goes to his first puppy training/play date at our local PetSmart.

Finally, we managed to change him over to a new brand of food (Blue Buffalo puppy) without any problems.

He is adorable!  We look forward to many years with him as a part of our family.  Thank you so much for such a great puppy. I will not hesitate to recommend your puppies to any other potential parents – every time we have gone somewhere with Max, people have commented on his beautiful coat, his wiggly, fat puppy butt and his outgoing personality. And Max still has to meet a person he doesn’t like!


Sent on Feb 12, 2013 by Heather who purchased a Male Maltipoo!!

Hi Tricia,
I just wanted to send you an update on Jovi, who came to us back in August. Jovi is the friendliest, most loveable dog. His favorite activities are playing fetch for hours, getting belly rubs, and saying ‘hi’ to every dog and person on the street. I attached some pictures in case you wanted to see what he looks like a bit older (he’s a little more than 8 months now!). Jovi experienced snow for the first time this past weekend 🙂
Thanks again!

Sent on Feb 10, 2013 by Lorri who purchased a Female Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia!

I have been meaning to send you a picture of our puppy we bought from you last July.  She was born on May 29th, 2012.  She was 2a.  I sent the pic you put on your website and a recent picture of Zoey, taken just last week.  She weighs only 5.5 pounds, so she is a little peanut!  She has done so well and loves our Golden Retriever Maya.  Maya loves her as well.  They are always together!  We couldn’t be happier with her!  Hope all is well with you!


Lorri and Brad

Sent on Feb 09, 2013 by Christine who purchased a Female Cocakpoo!!

I can’t thank to enough for blessing us with Gracie ! She is a great dog , very well behaved and has been house trained for months !
People always ask me about her and where we got her , I send then to your site !
Thanks again

Sent on Janaury 22, 2013 by Alisa who purchased a Male Puggle!!

Good evening Tricia!

On Sept 23, 2012, my husband surprised me for my birthday with our sweet puppy (male #5 from the July litter). He has become the center of our lives and he has been such a blessing to our family. His temperament is so perfectly balanced between playful and a snuggler! We have always wanted two dogs but wanted to wait until the first one was trained. I would love the opportunity to surprise my husband with another puggle and we have both agreed we would like her to be from Denning Farms. We have decided on a little girl. I am contacting you to inquire on any estimations of another litter? I have attached some pictures of our boy Eli for you to see!!!

Thank you!


Sent on Janaury 09, 2013 by Melissa who purchased a Female Cockapoo!!

We just love her…

Tucker is my Schnoodle   he is 5   and Abby is the black lab mix she is 12   and the Golden is our neighbors dog she loves him too and he loves her too…
Daisy is so sweet and adorable she has picked up many traits that the other dogs have… great fetcher  so cute.

Thanks so much

Sent on Janaury 08, 2013 by Jennifer and Jerry who purchased a Male Teddybear!!


We purchased Oscar (Teddybear) from you a few months ago. He has fit into our family so well! He has been so easy to train and is excellent with our children. Here is a photo of him. He will be 6 mo old at the end of the month.

Thank you!

Jennifer & Jerry

Sent on January 03, 2012 by Linda who purchased a Female Maltipoo!!

Hi Tricia:

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the Maltipoo that we purchased from you in September. The plane flight from Iowa to Yanceyville, NC did not seem to faze her at all. My husband and I are definitely “in love” with her.  She goes with me to work every day, where she has a Yorkiepoo as a playmate.  She goes golfing with my husband and myself.  She is the sweetest, most loving, smartest puppy that we could have asked for.  Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our family.  Attached are some pictures of  her.


Sent on January 02, 2012 by Linda who purchased a Female Maltipoo!!

Tricia, just wanted to wish your family a Happy Holiday Season.  My wife and I have enjoyed our new addition.  We named her Lambeau.  She’s been a ton of fun!  I’ve attached a couple photos for you to see.

 Thanks again!


Sent on May 09, 2012 by Laura who purchased a Female Puggle!!

Hi Tricia,

 I keep meaning to send you some pictures of our baby Bella.  She was born January 27, 2011 and she has been such a joy in our life.

Sent on April 24, 2012 by Rhonda who purchased a Female Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia,

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how our Zoey girl is doing.  She has been doing very well and is settling nicely into the family.  She didn’t cry at night when we crated her….from the very first night.  She is utterly devoted to me and follows me everywhere, I love it!  I took her to the vet and he said she was a nice looking puppy.  She has a mild hernia but they think this will correct on its own.    You are right she loves being cuddled but she also is very playful.   She can be a spitfire when she sets her mind to it!  Lol. 

 She is already starting to get the hang of the potty training, her biggest issue with accidents right now I believe is her age.   I was nervous buying a puppy without seeing her and your facility first but it was an awesome experience and you can tell that she was very well taken care of.  It’s obvious that she was socialized well and is used to being around people.  I will recommend you to anyone interested in a new puppy!  Thanks!  We love her! I will send pictures in a couple weeks~!


Sent on April 23, 2012 by Scott who purchased a Female Maltipoo!!

Hi Tricia,

This is Bella……..was supposed to be Tori, but her name got changed!  I Picked her up just before Christmas if you remember, she is now almost 6 months old!  She is very spunky, loves everyone she meets and is a great addition to the family!


Sent on December 27, 2011 by Michele who purchased a Female Cockapoo!!

Hi Tricia. We wanted to let you know that Millie had her 1st vet appointment this morning and she was 4 lbs. Our vet was so impressed by her.She said she often sees new pups come in with parasites, too skinny and whatnot. Two of the vet techs also asked for your website information as they too were impressed and had looked in our area for cockapoo’s. Just thought we’d share. We are loving Millie and she has been sleeping through the night and having very few accidents.Our daughter carries her around like a baby and has already taken Millie for a stroller ride throughout our house. J

Take care,


Sent on December 27, 2011 by Susan who purchased a Female Puggle!!

Hi Tricia,

 I wanted to thank you again for bringing our puppy into town for us last week.  She has been the best Christmas gift I’ve given myself and our family!  We’ve named her Sobe and she’s doing wonderful.  Sobe adapted to her surroundings right away and seemed to be very comfortable right away.  We’ve only had her 1 week but she instantly became the highlight of our family.  There has been no problem with her appetite (she wants to eat all the time).  She also sleeps as hard as she plays-she’s 100% on the go or completely knocked outJ.  She will sleep through the night and wakes up with A LOT of energy.

 Here are a few pictures of our beautiful little girl.  

 Thanks again!

Sent on December 23, 2011 by Luanne who purchased a Male Teddybear!!

I just wanted to write and tell you what a blessing Oscar is to me!  He has the best “curious” personality, and loves playing with his sister Emmy!  I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice to use Denning Farms as my breeder!  Oscar has been happy and healthy since day 1.  It’s our first Christmas together, so we thought we’d send our greetings!

Thanks again!

Teddybear with his Christmas teddybear!

Sent on November 15, 2011 by Josh and Stevie who purchased a Male Teddybear!!


This time a year ago we bought a Teddy Bear puppy from you.  Ever since we picked him up at the Atlanta airport we have been absolutely in love with him.  He has brought so much joy to our lives.  He is the best little dog with the cutest personality.  We have a blast with him!  His name is Knuckles.  He is very healthy and weighs about 18lbs.  We just wanted to give you an update, send you some pictures, and thank you again.  We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!  Thanks again!
Josh and Stevie

Sent on November 07, 2011 by Tyler and Lindsey who purchased a Female Cockapoo!!

Hi Tricia!

I’ve been meaning to send you this email for months! Please use it as a testimony if you wish! I wanted to let you know my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed our cockapoo, Paisley! We got her at the end May, and she is now almost 8 months old and has been so fun to have.  She truly is part of our family.  We love her temperament and warm personality.  She loves playing with people of all ages and other dogs.  We are always asked what kind she is and receive compliments about her social personality and friendliness.   She’s also always complimented on her adorable looks.  We are biased parents but we think she’s pretty great 🙂 Attached is a recent picture of her.  She’s around 16 pounds!

I also wanted to thank you for your flexibility when picking up Paisley.  We greatly appreciated your willingness to keep her an extra 2 weeks, so she wouldn’t have a hard adjustment to our new home!

Thank you again for all your help! We hope all is well with you and your family,

Tyler and Lindsey
Sent on October 23, 2011 by Stephanie and John who purchased a Female Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia!

I wanted to write & tell you how PERFECT our little teddybear is. Lilly is almost 4 months now. At her last vet check she was 6.2lbs, almost doubled her weight in a month! But they tell us she is healthy and just having a growth spurt. Everywhere I take her, people have to stop me & ask what kind of dog she is, where I got her, & tell me that she is the cutest puppy they’ve ever seen. She has the best temperment & is a fast learner.  I cannot imagine having a better puppy, & I love her like she is my little baby! If anyone is hesitant about purchasing a puppy online (like I was) I would like to reassure them that you are a professional & your pups are beautiful & happy. Teddybears/Shichons are a great mixed breed! Thanks again for this little angel =)
ps Im attaching a couple pics
Stephanie & John

Sent on October 20, 2011 by Monica who purchased a Female Puggle!!


I cannot believe that it has been 2 years since we bought Bella from you!  She is such a HUGE part in our family and I’m pretty sure she thinks she is more human than dog! Lol  She is constantly making us laugh with all of her little corks and chewing on her bones like it is her job.  She is just a little spoiled 😉 and is now up to 25 pounds!! She should go on a diet but I think she is quite content with herself.  We couldn’t be happier with her and I just thought I would give you a little update on our little pup!  If we ever get another dog, Denning Farms will be the first place we go!

Thanks again!


Bought Bella October 18, 2009

Sent on August 22, 2011 by Melissa who purchased a Female Maltipoo!!

Dear Tricia, Here is my maltipoo Rose, who is almost 6 months to the day.  She was spayed the week before last so I am very happy we got that out of the way.  Seeing her in discomfort even for a day or so was almost unbearable; I love her so much.

These photos were taken in Central Park this past Friday at a picnic and she was a big hit.  She also had a great time!  Thank you for being responsible for adding this precious dog to my family.  I will always be grateful to you.  Best, Melissa

Sent on August 20, 2011 by Cheryl who purchased a Female Yorkiepoo!!

Thank you for our little girl (Bella).  She is the sweetest puppy.  It’s kind of funny.  She seems to have bonded more with our German Shepherd than our pug.  She seems a little afraid of our pug (who wouldn’t hurt a fly literally), but follows our Shepherd around.  Shadow (our German Shepherd) acts like a mother hen to her – keeps an eye on her.  It’s really cute.  My 13 year old was sitting on the chair at the computer with Bella and Bella’s rear end started to slide off and Shadow pushed her back up.

The boys are very proud of Bella and she seems to be adjusting well.  Thanks again.  She’s precious!!


Sent on August 04, 2011 by Debbie and Charlie who purchased a Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia.  Well, our little Scooter is growing like crazy, just over 6 months old.  He has us totally wrapped around his tiny paw.  We take him with us everywhere like on weekend trips, out on the boat and jet ski, to the park, and play dates with my mom’s little puppy.  He brings us much joy and we love spoiling him rotten.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  He doesn’t bark unless I tickle him under the chin and everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is.  He loves attention and has moved right into our hearts.  Thanks so much for making it possible to share our lives with a wonderful companion.

Hope all is well for you and your family.  We check in on your web site often and like to see all your new babies.  Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.
Thanks Again,
Debbie and Charlie Pompe

Sent on July 10, 2011 by Connie and Al who purchased two Maltipoos!!

Hi Tricia!

I, Bridget, am the smallest, but I am also the most dominant. I look more like a maltese and have grown from two pounds to eight and a half pounds. I am ver smart and sometimes stubborn. My favorite toys are my chew bones and bully sticks. I love to be held and cuddled and I might be a little spoiled.
I, Bently, look more like a poodle and I have grown from two and a half pounds to eleven pounds-six ounces. They call me big dog a lot. I love to sqeak my sqeaky toys and play fetch. MOm says I have a sweet disposition. I’m kind of a wiggle worm, so I don’t like being held for very long. I’d rather be doing something energetic like chasing and playing hide and seek with Bridget! I’m good at hiding. Bridget can never find me!
Connie and Al take us to doggie day care every now and tne to socialize with other dogs. They als took us to obediance school and we graduated in April. After Christmas last year, they put us in our kennel in the car and we drove for two days to our winter home in the California desert. Mom says we were good little travelers. We have a small yard in California, but we go for walks in the mornings and afternoons for excercise.
Mom and Dad say we are the cutest, sweetest dogs ever. They say it’s just as easy to train tow dogs as it is one, and we are twice the fun! They thank Tricia for all her help in making it so easy for us.
Bently and Bridget
P.S. From Connie and Al,
Our dogs were the cleanest, healthiest and most well adjusted dogs we have ever gotten from a breeder.  Tricia was very helpful and accommodating to our needs and made our fears of purchasing a dog on the internet disappear.  We highly recommend Tricia and Denning Farms to anyone wanting to purchase a puppy.

Sent on June 12, 2011 by Connie who purchased a Male Teddybear!

Hi Tricia!
We purchased a Teddybear Male pup the end of October, 2010 from you.  I’ve been wanting to write to you for some time and tell you how pleased we are with our little friend, Buddy. We weren’t sure at first if we wanted another dog because we have no more kids at home and are empty-nesters, but it was one of the best decisions we could have made.  He is a joy – loves people and other dogs!  Last month our first grandchild was born and he can’t get close enough to her. Wants to lick her all the time. He trained easily and has been great company for us! Buddy loved the snow this last winter. We nicknamed him “snow pig” because he would plow his nose in the snow.   He turned 10 months today and while I was thinking of it, thought it would be a good time to write and say thank you!


Sent on May 21, 2011 by Harry and Pooja who purchased a Male Maltipoo!

Hi Tricia,

We are Harry and Pooja from NY. Hope you remember us, we bought a maltipoo male puppy in April. Just though we update you around scottie’s progress.
He is doing great and just got his rabies shot done as well. So he’s good to walk around in manhattan from now on. He has become a integral part of our family and we  would like to thank you for all this.
Have attached some latest pics so that you could share the moment as well. I reckon he was the smallest male puppy then when we bought him, but now he is already 5.2lbs in around 3months. Think he needs some workout now 🙂
Kind regards,

Harry and Pooja

Sent on April 24, 2011 by Jim and Lisa who purchased a Female Teddybear!

Just wanted to gve you an update on how great our Teddybear puppy is doing.  We picked up Chloe in February and she is now 5 months old.  She is awsome!  Potty trained, loves her kennel during the day, no alergies, and she loves to play and cuddle.  Overall, one great little girl and a great member of the family.  Anywhere she goes people just ahhh over her.  Picture is a week after her first hair cut.
Thanks again,
Jim and Lisa

Sent on April 05, 2011 by Tawnya who purchased a Female Teddybear!

Hi Tricia,
I just wanted to send a quick thank you and update on our little teddy bear pup.  My son named her Pepper, and she is adorable!
She is such a smart and sweet and fun little girl, her temperament is exactly what we were hoping for!  She’s wonderful with our kids,
you can totally tell that she’d been played with before we got her!  Many thanks, we’ll keep you posted.

Sent on March 23, 2011 by Brittany who purchased a Male Puggle!

Hi Tricia!  We purchased our Puggle from you just over a year ago.  He was born January 15, 2010 and is the world’s cutest dog J  He is a little crazy (he will run around the house at 100 mph for a couple minutes if he is really excited – so hilarious!) and that is just what we needed!  He got a little bigger than we thought as he is about 30 pounds… he had such big paws so we figured he would – he is not overweight just good muscle structure the vet says.  He was so easy to potty train and will do anything for a treat… he sits, shakes, gives 5 and lies down.  He is so smart and such a quick learner.  His name is now Percy and he LOVES to play!  We take him to doggy daycare a day or two a week and he is so worn out when he gets home because he just plays and plays with all his little doggie friends.  He loves all people and will be anyone’s best friend.  Of course he loves my husband best when he was supposed to be my dog J  He also LOVES to cuddle and can be rocked like a baby – so adorable!  Percy always likes to be where the action is and follows us everywhere we go.  He can be a little mischievous as he likes to chew up Kleenex and the occasional shoe, but he is getting better with this.  He really does have a little beagle nose and is always sniffing around.  Everyone comments on how cute he is with his floppy soft ears, big brown eyes and the sweetest little wrinkles on his forehead.   I was so glad that I got to travel to your house and pick him up and we are so glad that we found you and have our little precious Percy!
Thanks again!
Brittany, Corey & Percy

Sent on March 17, 2011 by Beth who purchased a Female Teddybear!

hi Tricia. here is a current photo of the puppy I purchased from you in January this year. we named her Regina. my 17 year old daughter calls her Perfect which regina doesnt seem to mind. she is happy and healthy and what a huge personality. she has learned several tricks and is very alert and responsive to voice commands and loves to be sung to. we adore her. thank you!

Key West Florida

Sent on January 15, 2011 by Amy who purchased a Boston Terrier Male!!

Dear Tricia,
Here a a couple pictures of Ziggy.  He is growing so fast I can’t believe he was only a little over 2 lbs when I got him.  He comes to work with me everyday and usually sleeps under my desk.  He is a delight, I can’t even express how happy we are with the “Zigman”.  The experience of buying a puppy that you have never been able to hold or watch how it behaves can be an over whelming experience but you made it really easy.  The only really stressful part was the long wait for the arrival day!   We really appreciate you making the purchase so easy and being so supportive in the first few days to weeks of the puppy being at home.  You answered all of the questions I had and were always there when I needed some reassurance. THANK YOU!!  I hope to hear from you soon and I will keep you updated on Ziggy as he grows.
Thank You Again,

Sent on December 26, 2010 by Rachelle who purchased a Pomapoo Female!!

Hi Tricia-

I bought Chloe from you at the end of May, 2008. 
She is a poma-poo!  Do you remember that I was a nuisance because
I kept asking you if you were sure she wouldn’t shed!  You were
right.  She has not shed one hair.   I sure hope you breed poma-poos
for a very long time because she is amazing and I wouldn’t want
any other dog.  She has an amazing personality.  It is like she’s a
real child.  She comes to me and either begs standing on her hind
legs or just pats my arm on the rocker or actually barks to use
the bathroom.  She is just a sweetheart and loves everyone around
her.  She is attached to my parents and my husband’s parents.  She
got Christmas gifts from them and it is so funny because Christmas
morning she was playing with them as my son was playing with his.
In ten years, and lets not hope any sooner I will definitely want another
one from YOU!!!
If my mom can not find a poma-poo in Louisiana, she wants one from
you.  Chloe has had no skin problems and just comes from wonderful
Parents.  So let me know before you breed pompoos again and I will
check with my mom.  She wants a girl.
YES, you can use me as a testimonial.  If anyone needs to call me about
your  pomapoos, I will be happy to let them know how wonderful she is.
Rachelle LeBlanc

Sent on December 20, 2010 by Kip who purchased a Maltipoo Male!!

Hi Tricia,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU.  We love our puppy which we have now named Baxter!

He has been great thus far in adapting to his new surroundings, sleeping through the night and making tremendous progress on being house trained.  I could not have asked for a better puppy – he is so smart, great with people and fairly easy.   Niki has never had a dog before and I have always had big dogs (Labs) and I have to say I was not completely sold on a small dog.  Well, I am sold and would recommend Malti-poo’s to anyone and in particular your Farm!

I have attached a few pictures for you.

Thanks again and hope you are doing well.


Sent on December 15, 2010 by The Jake who purchased a Maltipoo Female!!

Dear Tricia: I am attaching a recent picture of Sadie with Anne and our other daughter Caroline. You can see from the attire we have been having some Iowa type weather. She just had a check-up and weighs in at 5 lbs 15 ounces. Sadie is curious, fearless and very social. Best wishes to all the Dennings for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Sent on November 27, 2010 by Jeanette who purchased a Puggle Male!!

hi Tricia,

i I just wanted to say hi … we got our puggle from you 2 years ago … we absolutely love him … he’s a very funny little guy, very sweet temperament, a total snuggle mush pot and a very good watch dog all in one … i attached a photo of him, Lucky, with the girls … they love him very much and the older they get the more the are able to take part in taking care of him

i go on your website often to see your other puggles … sometimes i see other puggles that look just like ours … wherever we take him — the vet, doggie daycare, parks — we always get compliments about what a good looking dog he is … he’s just the right balance of pug and beagle

well, i just wanted to say hi and Happy Holidays and thank you for giving us Lucky!

Jeanette, Bella & Ava
…… and Lucky

Sent on November 24, 2010 by Kelly who purchased a Male Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia,
Benji is a little older than a year old and doing exceptionally well.  He is still a spirited little pup who loves to steal socks, drag his blankey everywhere and occasionally sneaks a little “lap-time” .  Although he has lost most of his interesting markings, he is still adorable in his mostly white coat and heart shaped nose.  We continue to visit your site and my daughter persists at finding a friend for Benji; perhaps one day…
Thank you again for bringing Benji into our lives.  He brings fun and a natural calmness to our otherwise stressful lives.

Sent on October 14, 2010 by Melissa who purchased a Pompaoo Male!!

Hello Tricia,

I bought a pomapoo from you about two years ago. My mom actually just reserved a puppy from you as well. His name is Snickerdoodle and we live in Orlando. We actually travel over to see Angie quite often. Snickers is such a good dog and everyone LOVES him. His sweetness has convinced other families to adopt dogs. He’s full of energy and very loving. I’m sending a couple of pictures, since he loves to have his picture taken.

Melissa & Snickers

Sent on October 14, 2010 by Kris who purchased Two Teddybears!!

Hi Tricia!

I will send pictures real soon, but I wanted to let you know how WONDERFUL it has been having two teddybear pups!  Kalli fit right in from day one!  We introduced her to Flynn outside and allowed them a good hour of getting acquainted before bringing her in to our home.  I think coming home to Flynn was good for her and she has certainly been a blessing for him.  She slept in her kennel beside his that first night and slept right through from the beginning!  There was no adjustment period at all!!!  She is ready for bed by 9:30 most nights and Flynn will go right in his kennel when we are getting her settled in!
Kalli is not an alpha, but she is not meek by any means.  She and Flynn play so evenly and both have no problem being in a submissive position to the other, though I would say Flynn has a little edge.  He was here first I suppose, and Kalli seems to understand that!  🙂  They are adorable to watch, especially when they snuggle up together.  We had to leave them one weekend and Kalli went to a friend’s because she isn’t through all her shots yet, and Flynn was kenneled. They were both so happy to be reunited upon our return.
Their personalities are so different.  Flynn has a lot of energy while Kalli seems playful but more subdued. She is very inquisitive.  Flynn is very protective… very vocal if he doesn’t know someone.  Kalli snuggles up and lays her head upon your shoulder w/ one front leg straight down against her body and the other almost hanging on.  She would have to be peeled away from you before she is ready!  Flynn loves to sit on a lap or be carried around, but not so much up against a shoulder. Kalli will snuggle w/ anyone, though she definitely knows us already… Flynn’s a real Mama’s boy.
I promise to send a picture of them together soon!
Thanks so much Tricia!  We are so happy with our pups!!!!!

Sent on September 16, 2010 by Brenda who purchased a Female Puggle!!

Hello Tricia,

This is Frankie’s girlfriend, he bought the puggle that was born on 05/04/2010.  I thought I would email you with an update.  First of all, she is so so so so cute! It was a really great surprise(especially since he is really bad at surprising me) Smile. Her name is now Izzie, but we like to call her Iz for short. She was really shy for the first couple of days, but that sure didn’t last for long.  She gets so hyper sometimes lol! But she is great when its time to calm down.  So far we have gotten her half potty trained, she still doesn’t like to poop outside.  Any way, I included some pictures for you and your family to look at! Enjoy! Thanks so much 🙂


Sent on September 9, 2010 by Keith and Carrie who purchased a Teddybear Female!!

Tricia, when we started looking for a companion to our little puppie Cash, I started browsing the internet.  Thats where I found Denning Farms.
We were nervous about buying a puppy online, after hearing horror stories of sick puppies from Puppy Mills.  After looking your farm over, and over…we called you and bought a puppy that night.  I picked Bella up 2 days later at the airport, and She is the sweetest thing ever!  She and Cash get along great and were born one day apart!!  Its so nice seeing Cash playing with Bella, He loves her so much! And so do we.  Thank you for the wonderful puppy.  I tell everyone about your farm and I recommend you highly.  I attached a couple of pics for you!!  Thanks again, Keith and Carrie!

Sent on August 28, 2010 by Mindy who purchased a Female Puggle!!

Hi Tricia,

Well, it’s been a year since we got Abbee & things are going great!  We really love her & she is great with our boys.  I just wanted to send you a few pictures of her so you could see how she has grown.  Thanks again!  Take care!


Sent on August 26, 2010 by Jill who purchased a Male Teddybear!!

Dear Tricia,
I just wanted to write to let you know how much we love Bear!  He has been such a fun and loving addition to our family.  He is so smart and is almost completely house and kennel trained.  He has such a sweet temperament and is so good with all three of my kids.  He lets our four year old carry him around like a baby and it does not even seem to bother him.  My oldest son, who has been horribly allergic to other “hypo-allergenic” dogs in the past, has had absolutely NO allergy symptoms with Bear.  Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance in choosing our new puppy, as well as your prompt responses to questions we had after getting home.  I will recommend you to anyone who is looking to purchase a Teddybear puppy.  We love Bear so much!  Thank you!


Sent on August 10, 2010 by Heather and Wesley who purchased a Male Boston Terrier!!

Hi Tricia!
Here are some more pictures of ‘Cash’! He’s doing really great!!!! He’s a wild little bugger but such a sweetheart also!!!!! We just can’t get enough of him!!


Heather and Wesley

Sent on August 9, 2010 by Renarda who purchased a Male Yorkiepoo!!

Hi Tricia,

I just wanted to forward you a picture of Bentley at 4 1/2 months for your page! I love him soooo much…and so does EVERYONE else! He is the cutest puppy on the block! Even the Vet made an announcement in the waiting area about my pup being the cutest that she has seen in the office! He is a joy to my life! He is VERY active and very funny! He is sweetest in the morning when he awakes! I am lucky to have found exactly what I have been searching for…a golden Yorkipoo and a dear friend!

Thanks again,

Sent on July 09, 2010 by Sabrina who purchased a Female Yorkiepoo!!

Hi Tricia,
I just wanted to share with you the joy we have experienced having one of your puppies in our home.  As you may remember, I drove to your home right before Christmas 2009 with daughter Jordan.  We name our little female Yorkiepoo Josie.  We love her so much.  She is so much fun, and my daughter adores her.  Josie is now 8 months old, and for the most part housed trained.  She is so smart, as she can sit, lay down, speak, shake, and fetch a ball.  Thank you so much for the beautiful puppy.  I have attached a few pictures.
Kansas City, MO

ent on June 29, 2010 by Amy who purchased a Female Yorkiepoo!!

Hi Tricia,

We purchased a Yorkiepoo from you in November 2009. We named her Lola and she is absolutely wonderful ! She is a perfect family dog … she will snuggle if you fill like it or play. She loves people, dogs, cats. Friendly little girl. She is our little protector. She does not bark much, but when she does it is so cute. She can’t see over our fence in our backyard, but when she hears something suspicious she hops onto the back of our patio furniture (being the highest place she can get to) and barks at people passing. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen and her little bark is adorable.

Thank You,

Sent on June 27, 2010 by Sharon who purchased a Male Maltipoo!!

Hi, Tricia,

Jesse (the latest and permanent name of our puppy) has been in our home for almost two weeks. He has been doing very well. He is so cute and smart. He was almost potty trained at the time when he got here, thanks god. You did good job!
Jesse has already learned “sit, jump, fetch” etc. words and does exactly what the words mean.


Sent on June 21, 2010 by Del and Pat who purchased a Cavachon Female!!

Hi Tricia,
  I just wanted to show you how Bella has grown, she is a joy for us and everyone who meets her.  We have given your website to so many folks because of Bella being so wonderful they want to have one just like her!  We like your website with all the video’s and blogs.  Keep up the wonderful work your puppies are very special.
Del, Pat, and Bella

Sent on June 18, 2010 by Shannon who purchased a Male Yorkiepoo!!

I came across Denning Farms online when I was looking for yorkie poo breeders.  I fell in love with the liter of yorkie poos and Tricia through our e-mails with each other.  Tricia was nothing but nice and helpful with all of my puppy questions and about the yorkie poo breed.  Yorkie Poo number 3 was soon to be mine and I named him Mason.  Coming closer to the arrival of my puppy, Tricia and I planned the flight arrangements since I live in Baltimore.  The weekend I was going to get my little puppy it was too cold in Iowa and they would not fly out any animals.  I was so upset about not getting my pup that I asked Tricia if she would drive to the airport (the 2nd day in a row!) and deliver my puppy if I flew to Iowa.  Of course she said yes!  So I took a day trip to Iowa and met Tricia at the airport with Mason.  I almost was in tears when I saw my little boy and Tricia was so so helpful with showing me the paperwork and quick tips on Mason.  I flew back home with him that day and we have been inseparable ever since.
   Mason is the most lovable pup and very attached to his mommy! He has tons of energy and shows off his bones all the time.  Since I live in downtown Baltimore, Mason is truly a city pup and loves his walks around the city.  All he wants his love from other people (such a show off!) and wants to play with every dog he sees.  Mason has no fear! He plays with dogs 4 times his size and everyone falls in love with him. Mason has his Aunt Finely and Uncle Stoli, my parents’ two westies who live in New York and he loves to run around in the backyard with them when we visit.  I really suggest yorkie poos if you live in an apartment and might not have a backyard because he has just adapted so well.  He is 6 months now and about 12 1/2 pounds.  He has definitely more poodle in him with long legs that made him a very unbalanced and cute 4 month old puppy! I just love my Mason so much and I am so thankful to Tricia and her family for raising him and bringing him into my life.
Love Shannon & Mason

Sent on May 26, 2010 by Derek who purchased a Pomapoo Female!!

We both just wanted to say thank you for our amazing puppy!  She is extremely well-behaved and so much fun to play with.  At 10 weeks she has learned to sit and fetch and is about 99% housebroken!  If we ever decide to make another puppy purchase, you will be the first ones we call!


Sent on May 10, 2010 by Amanda who purchased a Maltipoo Female!!

Hello Tricia! Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know we got our little girl from the airport in perfect condition last Saturday! She is an absolute angel and is nearly potty trained already!! She is the brightest, smartest and sweetest puppy we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. At first I was a little nervous about buying a dog online but I am SO happy that I did! Thanks for providing such a lovely little girl for us
Please see the attached photo of our little Lola…she’s so good that I bring her to work with me everyday!
Thanks again,

Sent on April 28, 2010 by Nick and Mattiuzzo who purchased a Maltipoo!!

Here is a picture of Luna two weeks ago after her last shot! She was 18 weeks. She is such a blessing and very sweet. She doesn’t ever bark unless, the vacuum is going:)

Take care.

Nick and Katie

Sent on April 28, 2010 by Jinelle and Greg who purchased a Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia:

Just wanted to give you an update on our puppy. We purchased a Teddybear in December 2009. Her name is Jodie and she is adorable.   Jodie is very smart, loving, and playful.  Now,  we have her house trained and she will  sit  by the door so we can let her out. The other unique trait about her is that she barks very little and very softly — only barks when she wants to go potty. She loves to be the center of attention; and  everywhere I take her she’s always in the spotlight. Everyone wants to pet her.  Jodie is fully vaccinated and microchipped .  She’s  brings so much joy into our home that I cannot imagine not having her around.  I will highly recommend you  as a breeder.

Jinelle and Greg

Sent on February 26, 2010 by Sue who purchased 2 Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia,

I just wanted to let you know that the pups, Bailey and Sophie, have fit right into the family.  They are almost 5 months now.  They get along great with their 12 year old sister, Hannah. At their last vet visit, Bailey was 7 pounds and Sophie 5.  Bailey’s fur is really thick and has stayed a nice shiny black color. He is a happy, loveable pup that is full of energy.  Sophie’s hair is thinner and straighter.   Her fur is starting to get some brown in it.  She is just a cute as can be!!  She is not as active as Bailey, but rules him around.  Sophie is a sweetie pie!   What wonderful dogs they turning out to be!!!!

Sent on February 28, 2010 by Linda who purchased a Yorkiepoo!!

Hi Tricia, just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new puppy Teddy!!!  I have to tell you, I was very skeptical picking out a puppy via picture on the internet.  Well, we really lucked out!!!! Teddy is fantastic!!  This is my first small dog and I have to tell you that he is GREAT!!!  He has quite a warm, frisky personality and my husband and I love him to pieces!!!!  When we got him, he was paper trained and is adapting quite nicely. He loves to play and is very affectionate!!! He gets a lot of love and gives it right back!!!  Could I ask a favor – – could you please email me all the pictures you have of Teddy as a young pup?  I am making a scrapbook and misplaced the original picture of him on your website? Many thanks.  You and your family do a great job!!

P.S.  My neighbor, Carol, fell in love with Teddy so much that her daughter Suzanne recently purchased Yoripoo puppy #3 born Feb 18, 2010. I highly recommended our breeder, Denning Farms and told her how pleased we were etc
Tricia thank you again – we are so happy with Teddy.  He just finished his series of vacinnes and is scheduled for his first haircut next week.  I will email you picutures.

Sent on November 17, 2009 by Monica who purchased a Puggle!!

Hey Tricia!

I just want to thank you so much for our little puppy!! She is so much a part of our family and we couldn’t love her more!!  The potty training started off a little rough, but she is really doing well with it now…she definitely has a lot of energy and LOVES her chew toys!!  She is a very quick learner!  She already knows how to sit when we tell her the command!  We have 2 pugs next door to us, and they have a ball with Bella.  She is so much fun to be around and we just couldn’t be any happier with her!! Again, thank you so much!! J

Have a Great Day!

Take care,


Sent on October 19, 2009 by Joanna who purchased 2 Cavachons!!

Hi Tricia

This is October 2009, Josie is 1½; Ellie just celebrated her 1st Birthday Sunday, October 18th.   I wanted to give a “shout out” for your testimonial page.  Josie was our first Cavachon.  On-line research led us to the “Denning Farms” where we found her.   There was valuable information on their website.   In one telephone call with Tricia, I was convinced that a Cavachon puppy was just right for our home.  But, my husband needed to be on board.  I held my breath that he would agree to bring her home.  He is not a small dog enthusiast.  He agreed, subject to letting him select her name.   Next, I visited the Farm and found a quiet calm amongst a beautiful caring family.  The puppies were not quite ready to come home, but they were well cared for, playful and gentle as could be.  I counted the minutes until we could bring Josie home.  Tricia helped to make the transition seamless.  She was well prepared with all the paperwork and in minutes Josie was in her new home.  She had no problem sleeping all night from day one, no problem with potty training (she caught on to ringing the bell @ the door), no barking, she was/is eager to please and she got A+ in her puppy training class.

So, naturally we started to think of another puppy in the house.  Remember my husband “Denny don’t like small dogs”; he gave me the second Cavachon for Christmas. Ellie is her name and she is as wonderful as Josie.  They are half sisters and about 6 months apart.  They look alike and love each other dearly.  Ellie has just started puppy training and is the star of the class; well most adorable anyway.  We love them dearly and they love us unconditionally.  The whole extended family and all our neighbors adore them.  There is a personality difference that is a hysterical to watch.  Their favorite game is hide ‘n’ seek.  It is their game only and no one is invited to play.  Just the two of them.

If your thinking about a Cavachon, make the commitment.  If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy kennel, call Tricia right now.  If you are considering a second one, don’t hesitate one moment.  As for Denny, he can’t wait to get home from work to play with “his” puppies and give them “Scooby Snacks”.  I have been replaced as the love of his life.  Our son is in college and is sure that he has been replaced by two fuzzy things.   Now he wants to come home; to see “the girls”.

Happy Halloween Tricia and family

Love, Joanne


Sent on October 13, 2009 by Mark and Nimfa who purchased a Teddybear!!


Yogi is truly the greatest dog I’ve been around. Sweet, smart, loyal, playful, and just loves to be near us and around us at all times; but never pandering or begging. He’s content to do whatever we’re doing and take his place among us. He hasn’t barked once in the 3 months that we’ve had him. Like all puppies, he takes time and effort to raise properly, but the rewards for your care are amazing with this breed. I can’t recommend Teddybears, (Shichons), highly enough to anyone who wants a constant, loyal, loving, and happy companion. He has really brought tremendous enrichment to our lives.

Mark and Nimfa


Sent on October 13, 2009 by Julie who purchased a Puggle!!


Update on my puggle I got from you on Sept.15th.

She’s now named Maddie Grace.   Trying to house train but realize that will take awhile.  Mostly my fault for not keeping a real close eye on her.

Crate training is going fantastic!  She won’t enter on her own, but sits when I place her in it.  Started sleeping all through the night after 3 nights.  Not too much whimpering the first few nights either.

She chases the cats around the house and then curls up with one of them to sleep.  She now knows the command sit.  Such a good girl.  Only bad thing is that she loves to get a hold of cat pooh.  Yuck!  Breaking that habit fast!  I have to keep her on a leash outside or she’s off chasing the outside cats.  She will learn though.  She’s falling into a routine here now.  She knows that in the evening I take a bath and she sits and waits for me to get out and then she likes to get in the tub and splash around.  She will love our ponds next summer!

I’ve attached a pic of her at 14 weeks.  She’s a cutie and a smart one!


Picture below:

Sent on October 10, 2009 by Ann who purchased a Yorkiepoo Male!!

When I saw you added testimonials I just had to write.  Louie, our yorkipoo, is an amazing little guy.  He is sweet and loving and very friendly.  He hardly ever barks and loves to play.  He’s almost 7 months old now and weighs a whopping 5.5 lbs.  Like you told us he is a very laid back puppy.
Our vet was impressed with your records and all you did for us.
Thanks again. We have recommended you to our friends.


Sent on October 10, 2009 by Dennis and Anne who purchased a Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia;

Just wondering if you remember Rhingo? I Love him to the end of the earth. He has been the best addition to our family. He is such a snuggler, Ha, makes dad a little jealous every now and then 🙂
We will send a better picture as soon as we get our disk downloaded. Our other computer crashed on us.

Dennis and Anne


Sent on October 09, 2009 from Leilani who purchased a Puggle!!

Hi Tricia,

I wanted to give you an update on our puggle (Bella). She is such a sweet, lovable and energetic puppy. She has already brought so much love into our home. She is very well behaved and is already potty trained!! She wines whenever she needs to go out, and she is quite the local celebrity in our neighborhood. Everyone thinks she is just the cutest thing and boy does she know it! She is so friendly and spunky when meeting new people. She already knows how to fetch (even though we are still working on SIT 🙂 I just want to thank you again because we couldnt ask for a more wonderful addition to our family.

Sent on September 28, 2009 by Virginia who purchased a Yorkiepoo!!

Hi Tricia,
Just an update on yorkipoo #5 born 8/21/08, aka “Lucy” and now 13 months.
She loves our lake house in Virginia, where she can roam the yard spring-fall. She relishes her daily walks & adores every person & animal she meets, even cats.  We have yet to refine her jumping-up manners.

Our townhome in Old Town Alexandria, where we spend less time since retired, is a little less “home” for her, but the many sights and sounds of city walks excite her and she is a great car rider.

She plays with almost every one of her 15+ toys every day and loves rawhide bones, especially when one of us holds it for her to make it easier for her to chew.  She is relentless at fetch.
She is a simply wonderful dog – affectionate, sweet, energetic and inquisitive.  She looks much more like a yorkie than a poo, except for the cute floppy ears.  She has lost all the black on her head, which is now mostly silver – so she is a lovely black/tan/silver mix and weighs 10 lbs.  Everyone thinks she’s adorable, especially mom & dad.
You should have a spot on your website for pictures & testimonials.  As far as we are concerned, you raise great pups!  Thanks for our Lucy,

Jo-Anne & Jim


Sent on October 01, 2009 by Tasha who purchased a Teddybear!!


Just wanted to let you know that our family is in love with Daisy.  She is already used to the crate at night and only whines when she needs to go out.  She doesn’t make a peep when we put her back in the crate.  We usually take her out around 10:30 p.m.


Sent on 10/07/2009 by Paula who purchases a Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia,

I just wanted to say thank you! Our Puppy (Bella) arrived just fine. I have never seen a puppy so well adjusted. We took her out of the carrier at the airport and within 15 – 20 minutes she was playing with her toys and nibbling on our fingers. We had our grandchildren for the weekend and they were so excited! My granddaughter carried her all over the place, and Bella didn’t mind a bit. She hasn’t even had an accident in the house. She even tells us when she needs to go outside. She is so smart.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to buy a puppy out of state.

Thank you so much!

Have a great day!



Sent on September 29 by Lori who purchased a Teddybear!!

Hi Tricia,

I just wanted to let you know that everything went really good yesterday, the puppy is beautiful, she’s just perfect. My daughter is in love, it was love at first sight, for both I think.:) Thank you so much, I will get the paperwork in the mail to you, thanks again,

The VanEvery Family 🙂