About Cockapoo Puppies

The Cockapoo is a mixed-breed dog that is the cross between a Cocker Spaniel breed and a Poodle.  The Cockapoo is a sweet and loving companion, accepting of strangers as well as other new animals.  Although they will bark when people are about, the Cockapoo will more than likely invite an intruder in.  This hybrid dog loves everybody.

Cockapoo Temperament, Personality & BehaviorCockapoo dog and puppy information

Playful and affectionate, the Cockapoo makes a great family companion.  They are sturdy enough to play fetch and ball with the kids and cuddly enough to curl up on your lap for a warm and rejuvenating nap.  Cockapoos are exceptionally intelligent dogs.  They are super easy to train because they have a strong desire to please their people.  New owners are always shocked to see how quickly this crossbreed learns and responds to commands.  Many enthusiasts report that by the age of six months, Cockapoos can sit, stand, stay, come, heel and sit up on command!  This is a bright mixed breed.

The Cockapoo is such an amiable dog that he makes a great therapy dog. He has a good nature and general affection for people. This hybrid breed can be quite the competitor in obedience trials and agility courses.

The Cockapoo is playful and energetic. One of its favorite things to do is to run around the yard with kids and try to get the ball first. He might be small but he can run with the best and yes, he will see to it that he gets the ball.  The Cockapoo is a great companion for families as he loves kids and adults alike.

Cockapoo Colors

Cockapoos come in a wide variety of colors including white, black, chocolate, and variations of colors.

Cockapoo Litter Size

The normal litter size for Cockapoos are 4-6 puppies.

Cockapoo Average Life Span

Cockapoos commonly live 12 to 15 years of age, but it’s not uncommon for them to live as long as 18 years.

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