Norma Jeter
November 26, 2023

Finn is almost a year old he will be Dec 5! He has flown with me to visit my daughter in Texas! He has been on a road trip to Kentucky! He loves going in his stroller into a few shopping spots! I took him out Halloween trick a treating with my granddaughter! He is good with kids and other dogs! Very smart dog! Fireworks don’t seem to upset him! He doesn’t mind rain or thunderstorms! I took him out young with a raincoat on to get him use to it! I think he was potty trained by 7 months! Eventually I want to take him on my kayak! Living in a condo on the third floor he has learned to go up and downstairs and has a best friend three doors down! Finn is a very sweet dog with a lot of energy! Loves cuddling and gives great kisses