Miranda Offner (Melsen)
July 22, 2021

This testimonial is LONG overdue! Here is our sweet Bella, she is a cockapoo that we got from Denning Farms in May 2008. She turned 12 in February and has been more than we ever could have imagined! Bella has gone through the wedding of my husband and I, three moves, two babies, and so much more! I can’t even put into words how perfect she has been since the beginning. From never crying through the night, to easy to potty train, to no chewing and beyond sweet, she’s the dog you dream to have. Even today, our vet continues to comment on how she can’t believe how Bella doesn’t “act her age”. She still is in great health and loves to play with the kids and can fetch for hours. I could go on and on but I just have to say thank you to the Denning’s for providing us with the most perfect addition to our family for the past 12 years!