Mary Beth Shaw
May 17, 2021

After doing extensive searching I found Denny Farms in Iowa. I drove to a beautiful family farm out in the country. Tricia is a mom, wife and runs a business of breeding adorable puppies humanely. The website photos are accurate and if you are lucky enough to drive there you will enter a warm family home and have the pleasure of meeting her in person. Our Teddy Bear “BUDDY” has slept thru the night since he got home 5 nights ago. BUDDY adapted quickly to our home with a Female German Shepherd & Male Terrier Mix. We took him to play with children and he loved it. He will be my dads dog as his Maltese died this spring. BUDDY will spend a lot of time with us too so it is important he adjusts to people, dogs and children. BUDDY is the sweetest little guy and I would recommend Denning Farms to anyone looking for a healthy puppy with a good temperament. We are so happy to add him to our furry family!