Jennifer H
November 15, 2021

This testimonial is long overdue. I purchased our adorable and amazing puppy from Denning Farms in June 2020. At the time, our boys were 18 and 20. We were sending my youngest off to college that fall and rather then enjoy a quieter home we thought what a great time to get our first ever puppy. I decided on a yorkiepoo after researching multiple breeds. I was a little skeptical about purchasing online but all of Tricia’s reviews were good. I searched for a couple months trying to find a breeder with no bad reviews and puppies available. I reached out to Tricia and she told me to check the website in a couple of days, she was about to post pictures of her newest litter. She said if you are still interested let me know. Once we saw those tiny little puppies we decided to go for it. The whole process was very easy. Tricia updated photos every couple of weeks until Lucy was ready to come home. When it was time for Lucy to join our family she took the flight from Iowa to NY. She even had a layover in Charlotte. Boy was I worried. It all worked out just fine. End result..we have the best puppy anyone could ever ask for. She is the cutest ever. Her personality is amazing. Lucy is friendly, very playful and the sweetest most lovable dog you have ever met. Most importantly she is as healthy as can be. Lucy does not shed and is about 12.5 pounds right now at 19 months old. One funny thing though, we have done 2 DNA tests on Lucy. The first was given to us to do just for fun. To everyone’s surprise Lucy is a perfect 50/50 mix, yorkie/bichon. All along we thought she had poodle in her. We are not at all upset about this. Like I said, we could not have been blessed with a better dog. Whatever the mix we wouldn’t change our decision or puppy for the world. Do not hesitate to purchase a puppy from Tricia she is clearly doing something right. Thank you so much for our perfect little Lucy!