October 2, 2020

First off this was the best breeder I had contacted about Teddy Bear pups. There are a lot of scammers-Tricia is definitely not. So thorough and down to earth from our initial inquiry until my husband picked the pup up from her house. Our Teddy Bear pup named Bear is the absolute best! He is a joyful little guy who LOVES being around our 3 and 5 year old. Happy, not at all aggressive, loves to play and loves nap time and bedtime. We were beyond thrilled with our experience and would hands down recommend both Denning and Teddy Bears to anyone. Our special little guy doesn’t shed, gives lots of kisses (especially when we wake up, he just licks our faces straight for 5 minutes) and was potty trained by month 3. We couldn’t have picked a better family dog!