September 26, 2023

We got Lexie, a Teddy Bear, from Denning Farms in 2016 to keep our senior Maltese, Izzy, company during the day while we worked. They became besties! We were so happy with our Lexie that when we lost Izzy in 2021, we immediately thought of Trish at Denning Farms to help us and Lexie fill the hole in our hearts. We went online and fell in love with Teddy Bear Female#4! She’s the one with the heart-melting expression and the brown patches in her coat. We emailed Trish, then watched and waited until the magical 8-week date came and then we picked her up at Jax Int’l Airport in October 2021. The little furball in that crate stole what was left of our hearts!
We named her Zoey and she keeps Lexie running! Now Lexie is the big sister and her little sister Zoey is her bestie! We recommend Denning Farms to everyone we know who is looking for a great doggie from a very professional breeder. You can tell these puppies are raised with love from birth and for the time they are at the farm–to me, that is very important! Thank you Denning Farms for our little loveys!