Robin McKay
October 17, 2021

When my husband passed away four years ago I was lost devastated but I had a cockapoo and then she got kidney failure and I lost her my world I don’t want away I was gone I didn’t know how it’s gonna make it but I know I had to get a puppy I couldn’t go without a puppy I needed one so I got on the Internet and I happen to glance at this website and the first picture I saw was of this one little puppy and it is the first puppy I saw, i and as soon as I saw it and I had to get her she came to me the day before Thanksgiving it’s been two years now the first night she came to me I was totally amazed she was paper trained already eight weeks old and she was at smart and she knew how to fetch there’ there’s already a bond we’ve came along way from my life that I didn’t think I could ever existed again came this little puppy her name is Teddie, she is my life and my world now yes she has her own wardrobe she has her own car seat she’s the world to me we spend our days playing and cuddling and spending our lives together she is the best thing in the world did I ever did I looked at that website and I looked at that picture and I saw that puppy and I knew, she was going to be mine and I was going to be hers. That’s the story of me and Teddy I love that will last forever thank you denning farms for bringing my life back to me.